Parent Coaching

wanting to parent with more confidence?

Coaching can help you bring more love, joy, and connection to you family by providing guidance that helps take your parenting to the next level.



Need a speaker for your next meeting or event?

The Heartful Parent presents at parent meetings, schools, churches, and conferences on a wide variety of issues facing parents.



want to add to your parenting toolbox?

We offer a number of different classes and workshops throughout the year designed to provide interactive learning in a group setting.



“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”

–Victor Frankl



  • want to be great parents by parenting intentionally and examining their own parenting choices.

  • understand that parenting well takes energy and effort, and are willing to do the hard work to help their family thrive.

  • want to feel more love, joy, and connection in their lives, with their families, and with themselves.

  • aim to maximize their child’s potential by increasing their skills as a parent.

  • are willing and anxious to learn and try new approaches to solve old problems.

  • want new strategies for putting themselves on the to-do list. 

  • long to build the most connected relationship between themselves and their children possible.

Latest Insights

client testimonials

I highly recommend Christy Keating if you are looking for a parent coach to help work through the challenges of raising children. She organized a thoughtful, gentle plan that built on our strengths to prevent and resolve conflicts. Thanks to Christy’s help we have significantly more peace, balance and happiness in our household!
— Nicole J., Redmond, WA, Mom of two boys
The work that Christy and I did helped me to articulate a vision for both a family life as well as how I want to feel as a parent and work through specific issues to make it happen. I am confident that my work with Christy has made me both a better parent as well as a happier person. I would recommend her wholeheartedly!
— Hilary H., Seattle, WA, Mom of three girls
I had the opportunity to work with Christy over the course of a few months and she was such a great help. Our entire communications consisted of scheduled phone conversations with follow-up emails in between. I can’t recommend Christy enough to help with whatever your needs may be. She’s the light at the end of the tunnel!!
— Alana G., Kirkland, WA, Mom of one girl