Learning in a group setting can be incredibly rewarding.  With years of experience leading and teaching various groups, I use skilled leadership and experiential learning to introduce new concepts and ideas, and use the dynamics of the group to expand awareness, and provide new perspectives on issues. 


Rocking “The Talk”  

For parents of children ages 2-10, this class is designed to help make conversations about sex, pubery, and body safety less cringe-worthy and more empowering.  During class, we’ll screen a video by nationally renowned sex educator Amy Lang of Birds+Bees+Kids, and I’ll guide you through some questions designed to help you clarify your own family values around sex, love, and relationships.  You will learn when to start “the talk,” how to rock it, and what information your child should know by when.  I’ll also share some information about keeping your child safe from online dangers at an early age, and protecting them from predatory behavior and the dangers of online pornography.  

Next class: Wednesday, January 23, 2019 from 6p-9p at the Redmond Community Center  

Parenting with Positive Discipline (8 week series)

Developed by Jane Nelsen, this curriculum helps parents parent calmly and with confidence without the need for traditional punishment.  By parenting with both kindness and firmness, we can eliminate many of the most common parenting struggles.

Next series: Expected to start in late February/early March. Contact us if you’re interested.


Host a class - List of Topics

  • Talking about Sex

  • Child Safety, Emotion Coaching

  • Behavior/Positive Discipline

  • Self-care for moms

  • Bringing Baby Home

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