Customer Testimonials


Reviews of COaching Services

“Christy was there to help me get a better handle on how to communicate with my two daughters. Before our coaching sessions, there were lots of yelling and tears from all of us, and I didn’t know how to get through to them. Christy helped me understand that each kid required a different method of communicating, and it was ok to differentiate how each was comforted or disciplined. I was so busy trying to treat each one equally that I didn’t realize that what worked for one did not always for the other. My sessions with Christy give me tools that I have repeatedly gone to in my quest to be a mom who can connect with my two very different girls. Christy is a good sounding board for child rearing issues that can come up -listening and giving thoughtful advice. She provides a safe place to discuss the issues that are important to you - never judging and always very empathetic. I highly recommend Christy. She is a great resource.”
— Catherine H., Redmond, WA, Mom of two
“Our entire family benefitted from my 20 weekly sessions with Christy. When I was referred to Christy, I was struggling with work/life balance; my marriage/life balance; and my confidence in parenting. With each passing week, Christy helped me to identify goals that would bring better balance to my life and to my family. Christy validated my feelings, and she provided me the accountability I required to take actions each week that overtime, created forward momentum that allowed myself and my family to get “unstuck”. My career and family keep me very busy. Making new mom friends to become part of our “village” can be scary. Christy was able to listen to my thoughts and fears in reaching out to others and was able to provide me with valuable feedback that has allowed me to make new friends for our family that have provided us with joy and support. I highly recommend Christy as a parent coach. She will bring joy to you and your family!”
— Kristin B., Brier, WA, Mom of one
“The 12 week course was amazing! I was excited each week for our phone call to relax on my bed and talk about my family! At the end of most sessions I walked away with so much enthusiasm to start the next day with these new ideas to try. As a mom I am always trying my best to do what is right for my kids, but I get very little time to reflect on how to do so. With this course, this is the time do so! You get an expert on your side to guide you to new strategies to try with your family to make living life the way you “dreamed” it would be.”
— Alicia W., Duvall, WA, Mom of two
“Christy does incredible work and has a great approach to helping parents be the best they can be.”
— May J., Kirkland, WA, Mom of two
“Thank you Christy for being a wonderful parent coach!! Our house is more peaceful, more connected and more joyful!!”
— Hala L., Montreal, CANADA, Mom of 2
“I had the opportunity to work with Christy over the course of a few months and she was such a great help to not only me but my family as a whole. As a coach, she listened to all I had to say and always found a way to present my words back to me in an accurate, positive light, which can be hard to do on your own when feeling overwhelmed and defeated. Rather than with traditional therapy sessions, it almost felt like having a very intelligent, well-informed “mom friend” that I could count on for really sound advice and support. Our entire communications consisted of scheduled phone conversations with follow-up emails in between and I was slightly skeptical of this at first, simply because I’d never followed that format with a coach or therapist before. It was fantastically convenient and easy and didn’t feel lacking at all. Christy’s post-session summaries were especially appreciated as a lot of material is covered during those phone appointments and they’re a wonderful resource to have and revisit when needed. Whether you’re a caretaker at the end of your rope or just looking to hone your parenting skills, I can’t recommend Christy enough to help with whatever your needs may be. She’s the light at the end of the tunnel!!”
— Alana G., Kirkland, WA, Mom of one
“I highly recommend Christy Keating if you are looking for a parent coach to help work through the challenges of raising children. Christy took time to learn about us as individuals and our family dynamic, then listened to the problems we were having with our two young boys. She organized a thoughtful, gentle plan that built on our strengths to prevent and resolve conflicts. She guided us to use consistency and predictability with clear expectations for our boys to decrease fighting and yelling between them and remove the power struggle between parents and kids. Thanks to Christy’s help we have significantly more peace, balance and happiness in our household!”
— Nicole J., Redmond, WA, Mom of two
“I first started working with Christy as a new Mom to twin girls. I wanted to parent differently than I was parented, but didn’t know exactly how to make the family life that I envisioned, a reality. The work that Christy and I did helped me to articulate a vision for both a family life as well as how I want to feel as a parent and work through specific issues to make it happen - with the twins and shortly thereafter with a third (unexpected) baby. Between my job and the day to day messiness of young kids, I don’t have time to read a lot of parenting books, so it was so helpful to have someone pull from so many relevant approaches and synthesize the abundance of information into a meaningful strategy that felt right for me. Christy’s intuition, compassion and humor make for a refreshing and immeasurably helpful experience that added a needed dose of sanity to my life. I am confident that my work with Christy has made me both a better parent as well as a happier person. I would recommend her wholeheartedly!”
— Hilary H., Seattle, WA, Mom of three

Reviews of SPEAKing Events

“I am very grateful for Christy’s presentation at our PTSA Membership meeting in September (2017). She delivered a well-organized and thoughtful presentation about the gift of failure that was age-appropriate, on-point, and resonated with the attendees. This is a message that all parents can benefit from and apply suggested tips at home.”
— Marie F., PTSA President, Albert Einstein Elementary, Redmond, WA.
“I had the opportunity to hear Christy speak at a PTSA event on “Allowing our kids to fail” and how that is a gift that we need to give them. She was very knowledgeable in the topic, and the presentation was really interesting. I came away with some tips and to do’s that been very useful, and I have really tried to practice what she suggested. I would listen to this talk again if given the opportunity!”
— Catherine H., PTSA First VP, Albert Einstein Elementary, WA